More Than Words: History and Futures of the Book

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This online exhibit is a collaboration by graduate students in the UGA Department of English in concert with The University of Georgia Faculty Seminar on the History and Future of the Book's Fall 2012 Symposium. 

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De revolutionibus orbium cœlestium

nico cover.jpg

Copernicus’s De revolutionibus orbium cœlestium is a seminal text on the heliocentric model of the universe. This text provides an alternate model…

Cosmographia, siue descriptio vniuersi orbis

cosmo cover.jpg

Cosmography is the study of the earth and its relation to the heavens. Apian’s Cosmographia is both a guidebook to cosmography and a collection of…

Amazon Kindle

Creative Commons Kindle Image.jpg

Revolutionary and cutting edge when first released, this electronic reader device is now little more than a paperweight. Through an accident of…